What is Search Neutrality? Is Your Search Engine Biased?

Search Encrypt/ June 15, 2018

Search neutrality is the idea that a search engine does not limit or influence a person’s ability to access information on the internet. The search engine market is very one sided with just a couple companies controlling the entire market. “Search neutrality is a principle that search engines should

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Facebook Answers Requests for Transparency

Search Encrypt/ May 15, 2018

Facebook is responding to consumers asking the company to be more transparent about the inner workings of its products. The social media giant has had “Community Standards” that govern which content is allowed on Facebook, and what gets taken down. It was not until

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Firefox for iOS Adds Tracking Protection By Default

Search Encrypt/ April 13, 2018

Mozilla first added tracking protection to its iOS browser in September of 2017. The tracker blocking was automatic with Private Browsing mode, but was an option in normal browsing. Firefox’s latest update enables the tracker protection by default. This change is big for Firefox

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