Deleting Your Google History For Real – Dylan Curran

Search Encrypt/ April 11, 2018

Dylan Curran, a privacy consultant, has been outspoken about Facebook, Google and other tech giants’ handling of user data. Curran is making more people aware of the importance of privacy on the internet, a message we’re very supportive of. Follow His Twitter Thread Want to freak yourself out? I'm gonna show just how much

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Why the Facebook Data Scandal Won’t Happen to Us

Search Encrypt/ April 5, 2018

After Facebook gave Cambridge Analytica the data of 87 million people, many companies scrambled to make sure their data security and privacy were up to par with industry standards. Data breaches are terrible for business because they harm the company’s image and diminish consumer trust. Most companies assume their security measures are good enough until

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Facebook Won’t Fix the Internet’s Bigger Privacy Problem

Search Encrypt/ April 4, 2018

Facebook just revamped its privacy settings and terms of use, mostly in response to users who were upset about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. These changes may improve the public opinion of Facebook, but there is still a glaring privacy issue with the internet as a whole. Privacy should be ingrained in all websites and

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Why Privacy Is Essential on The Internet

Search Encrypt/ April 3, 2018

The internet is a platform for information to flow freely and openly. However certain information must remain private. An internet that allows users to maintain their privacy, and control which information they share is better for all users. Privacy helps the internet in many ways, these are a few key examples: Privacy Offers Protection

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Data Privacy Concerns with Google – Hackernoon

Search Encrypt/ March 30, 2018

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has a market cap of $712 billion. Within Google’s range of products, there are seven with at least one billion users. In its privacy policy, the company outlines its broad and far-reaching data collection. The data collection extends to Google’s entire suite of products, meaning the amount of data the company

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Data Security & Privacy Are Vital For Businesses In All Industries

Search Encrypt/ March 26, 2018

After negative press surrounding Facebook’s data practices broke, its stock price has taken big hits. Since the news of the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke 10 days ago, Facebook’s market value has lost about $90 billion. Facebook isn’t the only company that has seen big losses from privacy breaches. Equifax’s recent data breach cost the

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Facebook May Have Consent, But Not Approval

Search Encrypt/ March 26, 2018

Facebook’s house of cards has taken yet another tumble today after Ars Technica revealed that Facebook tracks call and text message data from Android phones. The report originally claimed that Facebook did so without user consent, however the company released a statement that began with: “You may have seen some recent reports that Facebook has

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What are Digital Doppelgängers and How Companies Use Them

Search Encrypt/ March 23, 2018

Traditionally, a doppelgänger is a person’s look-alike or double. However when applied to data collection and the digital realm, it refers to the descriptive, collected data that companies store about you. Companies create these personas, and there may be hundreds of versions of your digital doppelgänger. They use these to predict your behavior, so

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Complete Beginner’s Guide to Internet Safety & Privacy

Search Encrypt/ March 20, 2018

Privacy matters. Even if you think you have nothing to hide, it’s in your best interest to make your privacy a priority. Most people don’t discuss privacy on the internet with their friends. “More than three-quarters of adult internet users (78 percent) are concerned about their privacy while using the internet, and more than

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98 Things Facebook Is Tracking About You (and Everyone Else)

Search Encrypt/ March 19, 2018

Most people are somewhat familiar with the tracking that Facebook does. You’ve likely noticed ads for something that you’ve searched for in the past or talked about with a friend. However, this issue has become more prevalent as news continues to surface surrounding privacy breaches and security concerns for its users. Facebook is quickly

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