This Tool Reads Privacy Policies For You

Search Encrypt/ February 20, 2018

Pribot, an AI-powered analysis service, created a tool called Polisis that uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to create an easy to read summary of any online privacy policy. Pribot originally launched a chat bot that crawled privacy policies and then presented smaller (and

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Raspberry Pi & Digital Privacy Risks

Search Encrypt/ January 9, 2018

People have come up with some crazy awesome ways to use a Raspberry Pi to solve some difficult problems. It was originally created to help students learn to code, but has since become wildly popular in other realms. We’re going to look into how

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Consumer IoT Devices Should be Free, Here’s Why

Search Encrypt/ December 6, 2017

Devices are getting smarter. Everything from cellphones to refrigerators are connected to the internet. By 2020, there will be more than 20 billion IoT units in the world. The number of IoT devices in the world recently surpassed the world’s population. The installed base

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What Happens When Someone Hacks My Tesla?

Search Encrypt/ November 27, 2017

Digital security is important, no doubt. If a data breach leaks your personal data, someone could use that information to harm your reputation. And worst case scenario, they could use the information to steal your identity and money. Say someone gets a driver’s license

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Smart Cities Could Be Security Disasters

Search Encrypt/ November 16, 2017

Anyone vaguely familiar with recent tech trends has likely noticed the connectivity of everything. Nearly every household appliance is available in a “smart” version — or one that tracks and learns how you use it. While most people wouldn’t be concerned if someone was able to

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