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Search Encrypt/ June 7, 2018/ Search Engines

The Search Encrypt team has a lot of experience with search engines, especially those focused on privacy, that put their user’s data security ahead of advertising revenue. Search Encrypt is always working towards being the best search engine, not just the best private search engine.

Search Encrypt Protects You From Filter Bubbles

When search engines use algorithms to decide which search results to show you, they may exclude some information. The excluded results may have information that conflicts with the websites you view most often. While this information may be perfectly true and credible, you may never know it exists.

This effect is called a “filter bubble“. Search Encrypt gets rid of this problem. Because we don’t track what websites you visit most often, or what you search for, we serve search terms based only on your keyword.

Filter bubbles make search results feel more convenient, but they lead to incomplete or skewed search results. While you may trust your current search engine to give you neutral, unbiased search results, this isn’t reality.

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Our Encryption Methods search-encryption

So, what happens when you search on Search Encrypt?

As soon as you type your query in the search bar and press enter, we encrypt your search term. This local encryption is what keeps your search history private on your computer.

There is no need to clear your history when you search with Search Encrypt, because your search terms expire.

We then send your encrypted search term to our servers where it is decrypted into plaintext. At this point there is no personally identifiable information connected to your search. We then deliver your search results to your browser, where your search term stays encrypted. This way no one on your network can see your searches.

Search Encrypt Is Fast

Search Encrypt relies on AES-256 encryption to protect your searches. Other private search engines use a proxy, so that your searches appear to come from your search engine and not you personally. This is great, except proxies generally take much longer than standard network connections.

Search Encrypt returns results faster than proxy search engines.

Search Encrypt Empowers Users When They Search

Big search engines rely on user data. It’s in their business model. Search Encrypt’s business model doesn’t rely on people’s data at all. This is what lets us deliver relevant search results without track you or your web browsing.

Search Encrypt is not alone in its quest for true privacy on the internet. There is a whole range of products and companies putting privacy first on the internet.

We are advocating for change by the major platforms, including other search engines and social media websites, to create more privacy-friendly solutions for everyone.

Privacy won’t be widespread until any person can do their normal web activities without worrying about changing settings or enabling privacy features.

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Where Search Encrypt Is Going

Search Encrypt is looking forward to the coming year as we continue to grow and improve our products. We’re excited about adding new browser extensions to our line up to help solve more people’s problems and answer more of people’s questions.

Our team of developers is constantly working towards creating a complete privacy ecosystem that people can trust and enjoy using.

We’d love to hear your feedback about where you’d like to see Search Encrypt go in the future.

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