Why You Should Make Search Encrypt Your Default Search Engine

Search Encrypt/ May 24, 2018/ Search Engines

When you open your internet browser, odds are you begin your browsing with a search. Over half of all browsing sessions start with a search engine. You should start your browsing with Search Encrypt by making it your browser’s default search engine. If you regularly search with one of the major search engines, you are trading your personal information for search results. There is a flaw with this idea. Search engines don’t need to track you to make money.

Unlike Big Search Engines, We Don’t Track You

Search Encrypt is a private search engine, which means we don’t do the advanced tracking of other search engines you might use.

Have you ever searched for something and then seen ads for that in the sidebar of the next few websites you visit?

This is how big search engines operate. They store your searches and browsing behavior to target advertisements. Search Encrypt never does this. We don’t operate a huge ad network like the big search engines do.

Collecting and storing your information is a risk for us and you, which is why we don’t do it. With Search Encrypt there is no individual tracking. We don’t collect any information that could link your searches to you personally. We know nothing about who is searching.

Unbiased Search Results & No Filter Bubble

Another result of tracking on the internet is “personalized” search results. Big search engines use information about the websites you visit to determine which sites you are most interested in. Then when you search on those search engines, your results may change depending on what you’ve looked at in the past.

Search results that are specifically changed to fit your past browsing create a “filter bubble” effect. Filter bubbles refer to when you only see information that you are likely to agree with, or click on. This eliminates the internet’s neutrality and openness. When you search the web, generally you expect your search engine to show you a complete picture of the information available.

If your search engine sees that you often visit more conservative news sites, it may show you results from Fox News, for example, and push results from the New York Times to the second page. This contributes to the divisive and polarized political climate in the world today.

Private search engines give you more neutral and unbiased results. Because they don’t collect your information, generally these search engines show every user the same results.

Make Search Encrypt Convenient

You can say that you want to be more private on the internet, but unless you actually change your behavior, big search engines will continue to track your search data. By changing your default search engine to Search Encrypt, you will be able to maintain your search privacy in an easy and convenient way.

There are many ways you can stay private on the internet. Here is a complete guide for how to protect your information online. Privacy-focused search engines are an easy way to limit the data that you give away on the internet.